Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fashion Inspiration: Risky

shirt: Gap (via consignment shop), cardigan: Target, jeans: American Eagle, sandals: Target
necklaces: Forever 21 & The Limited, lipstick: Revlon (Wine with Everything)

This may make me look like a "fashion" wimp, 
but here were the thoughts going through my head as I put this outfit together.

Dark "cranberry" lipstick....risky.
Messy bun worn as a "top knot"....risky.
Wearing 3 necklaces at 1 time....risky.

Overall, it was all worth the "risk."
It was amazing to me that I was able to show confidence in this "risky" outfit.
Maybe this whole blog thing is starting to rub off on a good way.
I'm really learning to tap into my creativity and explore my "style" with confidence.


  1. The second I saw this I thought, "she looks like Kendi!" this is such a different look for you, I love it. Very feminine and chic; I think the bun keeps the lipstick from looking overdone (like it might have if you'd had your hair down and curled perfectly). You look beautiful and effortless!

  2. I love all of your "risks"! I just bought lip color today that's much bolder than what I usually wear, so I'm a little nervous to try that out. I like layered necklaces, but have never tried multiple that are similar lengths like you did in this outfit. I really like it and may have to try it! :)


  3. Your risks worked out really well! I love how blogs can help your fashion style evolve and become more confident :)


  4. You look super cute, classy, and fun! I love your lipstick, the top knot, necklaces, and the whole thing. Very well done!

  5. Love your whole look! I am frightened by bold lip color too, but you may have just inspired me. Hope you are doing well!